Buyer Guide

A beautiful and intriguing country set within the heart of South East Asia, the Kingdom of Thailand provides many great reasons to purchase property.
We provide 3 key sections to assist your buying decisions:


We hope you will find this guide useful.  Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information or to answer any questions you may have.


Thailand allows foreigners to purchase freehold condominium property in Thailand, with 100% ownership of the unit under a foreign name. 
Most condominiums are sold freehold in Thailand. For leasehold condominiums, valuations may be lower than equivalent freehold developments. Usually leasehold property has a maximum registered lease term of 30 years. S Luxury specializes in selling freehold developments because we believe it provides the purchaser with more confidence.
The advantage of buying a freehold condominium in Thailand as a foreigner is that you can own the property yourself, in your own name, free of any kind of claims from any government entity. 
Land Leases: Although Thailand real estate law restricts land ownership rights to non-Thai citizens, foreigners are expressly permitted may to hold a 100% interest in a Thailand land lease. The foreigner effectively leases the land or house from the Thai national who remains the owner of the land. Thailand lease law allows a 30-year maximum lease period, with the possibility of renewing the lease for additional 30 year periods.

Company Ownership: Thailand registered companies with majority Thai ownership are able to buy land in Thailand. In the past it has been common for foreign nationals to acquire an interest in Thailand real estate as minority shareholders in a Thai majority company.  However in recent years, the Thailand Land Department has become stricter in investigating limited companies for the use of the “nominee” Thai shareholders, who do not possess a legitimate interest in the company owning the land. Nevertheless it is still possible however for a non-Thai shareholder to secure his investment in a Thai limited company through legal means.

S Luxury offers a variety of property developments in prime locations on Koh Samui. Typically, you have the option of buying first-hand off the developer directly or via an agent.  Property may be sold before the building is completed, or shortly after completion. For second-hand property, you can also buy through the secondary market; S Luxury offers a resale service for buyers to purchase selected units in our developments. For this guide, we will focus on new developments. 
As per Thai Regulations, the management of the building is run by the Condominium Juristic Person (CJP) controlled by a management committee elected by the owners of the building.  The CJP decides on how to run the building, including selecting external suppliers such as the property management company, additional rules and regulations and controlling the budget.  The monthly Common Area Fee is compulsory for all owners to pay, and use of this money is controlled by the CJP.  Each year the owners will be able to elect the Committee who oversees the CJP.
Yes, S Luxury develops in prime locations, we believe that there is good demand for our properties from the rental market.
Typically in Thailand, rental is for a period of 1 or 2 years, and the renter signs an agreement with the owner, paying a security deposit, a monthly rental fee, and takes care of water, power and internet/cable expenses unless otherwise agreed.  Properties can be rented either with or without furniture, sometimes fully furnished may be easier to rent out – in the Thai market fully furnished generally means including fitted wardrobes etc. loose furniture, curtains/blinds, electronics and air-conditioning.
Owners can rent out using an agency, or can rent themselves, when using an agency, the exact terms will depend on the agency, often the fee is set at 1 month for an annual contract, and no further payments if the tenant chooses to renew. We provide assistance for rental management, please contact
Yes, S Luxury provides resale services, and there are also a number of capable 3rd party agents who can assist to market your property if you wish to use.  To speak to us contact